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Welcome to Special Moments Reborn Nursery website! Here you will find a variety of high quality one of a kind art dolls.

Thank you for taking the time to visit. My name is Cierra Watson. I am the reborn artist behind this nursery. I specialize in ethnic and AA reborn dolls; however, I create and offer a wide range of dolls and skin tones.



I discovered the world and art of reborning when I was just 15 years old by accident. I didn't even know what reborns were called at the time. It sparked my interest ever since. A few years after discovering them, I rediscovered once again by mistake. Maybe it wasn't! Months after research and purchasing my first reborn, I decided to create my own. I've always loved art and creating things so reborning came naturally and is another form of art to me. I have been reborning since 2015 and have created hundreds of reborns. In 2018, I was giving my first prototype opportunity and have now created more.

I pride myself in my reborns. Much time and quality go into creating each reborn during the process to ensure each is special! Each doll is one of a kind and handmade!

Feel free to browse my nursery and site to discover how YOU can own one of these SPECIAL dolls. Please contact me with a question, concerns, interest and etc.

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