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Updated July 7, 2023

Terms and Conditions

Layaway/Payment Policy and Terms


1. Any initial deposits are ARE NON-REFUNDABLE!

2. All purchases are final, however; damage or unsatisfied purchases must be brought to the seller’s attention within 2 days of item being delivered.

3. Prior to beginning custom order, PAYMENT MUST BE PAID IN FULL. No custom doll will be started until doll is paid in full. Completion timeframe will begin once doll is paid in full.

4. Most custom ordering payment plans will be determined/arranged prior to purchase of reborns. Plan highly varies depending on cost of reborn. A $400 intial non-refundable deposit is required to accept the order. Deposits are used to cover kit cost and supply cost. Deposits for customs doll are NON REFUNDABLE especially after supplies and kit has been purchased. Typically, payments depending will be every 3 weeks after initial deposit is made. Payment due dates will be arranged at the time of purchase. Payments are to be no LESS than $200 prior to final payment. Payments will be determined and discuss prior to purchase of reborn. The doll/item will not be shipped before item is paid for in full. When purchasing through a payment plan, the entire balance must be paid! No items will be shipped before the item has been paid in full. Custom order dolls are made to specifications of the buyer for this reason any unsatisfied purchases or refunds cannot be given.

4. Layaway for ready to adopt/available for adoption reborns is available for reborns totaling $500 and above. Reborns under layaway will only be held for a max of 12 weeks. $350 holding deposit must be made in order to hold reborn. Payments and payment pricing will be determined and set prior to the purchase of reborns. All due date will be determined and set prior to purchase of reborn. All payments on due dates must be made. Failure or missed due dates may result in lost in deposit, payments, and REBORN. I must be contacted in advance if there is any reason that payments cannot be made.

By going through with reborn purchases you are agreeing to terms and policies above.


Shipping Policy

1. Shipping will be invoiced with total balance or applied to a separate final invoice. When purchase through a payment plan, the entire balance must be paid! The item will not be shipped before the item has been paid in full.

2. Domestic Shipping within the United States is a flat rate cost of $35 per reborn (if more than 1 reborn is ordered). For painted kits it will be a flat rate cost of $15. For painted heads it'll be $10. My preferred method is United States Postal Service 1-3 day Priority Mail. International shipping cost will be determined just prior to shipping.

3. Once I have sent photos of the completed reborn and everything is in order, I will ship. I will not ship until final approval on reborn has occurred. Shipping dates will vary depending on my availability.


Returns and Exchanges Policy

1. Returns or exchanges will NOT be accepted on reborns. I send multiple photos of many different angles and up close and if you have agreed for this reason I will not accept returns and exchanges. If there is an issue or concern, please address before I ship as all sales are final. Once I ship and your reborn is received I will not accept or exchanges it; however, if there is any issues of concern or claims of damage or unsatisfaction must be made within 2 days of item being delivered and I will address them to the best of my abilities. 

Refund Policy

NO refunds are given for any reason. I will NOT issue refunds for above reasons.

Completion Rate

Custom Reborn Orders as well as Custom Painted Kit Reborn Orders are made to order. Completion can be anywhere from 2 weeks to 24 weeks (1-6 months) depending on many factors. Average completion rate but NOT guaranteed for your doll will be 6-12 weeks.

Please note that there will be no guaranteed timeframes for custom orders because due to many factors. I can give an idea when completion will be once work has started.

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